Christian Dior

I love Christian Dior.
I don't like CHANEL and LOUIS VUITTON.
Can you tell my preference yet?

In few days ago, my mom and I were disscussing about what to buy on the phone. My mom was at Takashimaya in Tokyo, and I was sitting infront of my PC at home. I've wanted a saddle bag so badly since i saw it in magazines, but she had never bought it for me. (what? i should buy it by myself? No way! It is very expensive,like $800)
Finally, she bent my pushing and bought it.
Why did I not buy it in NY?
Because my father would notice what I bought when he sees the credit card bill that I spend. If my mom spend money for whatever she wants, he won't say anything. The reason is the money she uses is her own money.
There is another reason that my father doesn't complain to my mom but to me. He thinks that Dior or other expensice stuff is not appropriate foe me. I'm still too young to buy and have that kind of stuff, he thinks.
Now, I'm 20, and I need it to go out.
I was very surprised that every girl are well-dressed when they go out.
I didn't need to wear very formal or sexy dresses when i was in Japan.
I alwasy went out, but fashion is completely different from New York style.

Anyway, I'M gonna go to Dior this weekends.
I wanna but new purse 'coz my old one was broken.
I am so excited that I can't sleep!

P.S. I compared prices between Japan and New York.
You should be careful about the money exchange rate and also taxes.
In japan. now the tax rate is 5%. In NY, it is 8.65%.
$1 is now 107 yen.

In the end, the Dior that my mon bought for me was almost same.
If i tell you about prices more precisely, buying in Ny is a little less expensive that buying in japan. The difference is less than $50.
I believe it was worth to buy :)
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LO~~~~~~~~~~~~~VE BON JOVI

自分の位置は自分で決める - I am SOMEBODY

I Love Bon Jovi, especially, JON Bon Jovi!
Do you know who he is, right?
Of course....If not, u should know:(

Who is BON JOVI?
-see this web site.

Who is Jon?
- the sexiest guy in the world...excuse me:)
the vocalist in Bon Jovi

Anyway, I've been a fan of Bon Jovi since I was 14 or so.
i went to their conserts many times.
When they came to Japan, I went to all of their conserts, from Hokkaido to Kyusyu (actually, at the consert held in Kyusyu I got flu, so I couldn't go even though I took a ticket and booked everything!)
The first time to see their consert was the "Crush tour" in Tokyo,Japan in 2000.
The seat was very far from the stage, but I was so excited and became crasy about BJ.
My crazy history started at that time.
I went to another Crush tour,that I saw all shows in Japan, in 2001 and zepp Tokyo in 2002.
And only to see their conserts I came to NJ in US in 2001.
I saw two shows and that was the first time to come to New York as well.

I spent all of my money to their conserts and CDs. Actually, I am collecting CDs. I mean I buy CDs which are almost same contents but Austraria ver. US ver. Europe ver. and Japan ver. Am I crazy?
I knew it!

A new box set CD is coming on Nov 16 or so.
I have to buy! If interested, u should buy. This will come with rare songs, and numbers of box sets are limited!

anyway, if Bj comes to NY or NJ, I will definately go.
I am joing the fan club! Of course.
I can't wait to see him again!
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地震 NYと日本



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Have u been to "Minca"??

My ra-men shops' list is here.

めんちゃんこ亭:西 43-45 West 55 St, bet 5 & 6 Ave
  (212) 247-1585
東 131 East 45 St, bet 3 & Lex Ave
  (212) 986-6805
ONY: 357 6th Ave, bet West 4 St & Washington Pl
(212) 414-8429
ONY72: 158 West 72 St, bet amsterdam & Columbus Ave
(212) 362-5531
めんくいてェー:60 West 56 st, bet 5 & 6 Ave
(212) 757-1642
力:141 East 45 St, bet 3 & Lex Ave
(212) 986-5604
サッポロ:152 West 49 St, bet 6 & 7 ave
(212) 869-8972
麦:132 West 58 St, bet 6 & 7 Ave
(212) 757-5842
来々軒:214 East 10 st, 1 & 2 Ave
(212) 477-7030
味平:14 Mott St, near Bowery St
(212) 267-9680
Minca:E 5st bet A & B Ave

I think I know more.. but now these are all that I remember.

Try them!
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Can't believe it!

Today is the very first day of my classes. I went to school to wait for a teacher for almost one hour, but he didn't appear at all. Bad start...
Then, in the next class, we had to write as essay about "laungages." I had no idea what to write. Why do they use same topics in English courses?? When I was in ESL at another university, I wrote about education, family and society. Can you guess? At university I'm going now they also ask to write same topics! I don't have other ideas any more. If you thought it is easier to write about same topics because I have already written once, it would. BUT i don't want to write essays of same topics. I think it wastes of time. I can't write exactly same essays, though, because I don't remember everything.

Anyway, i have to read a lot by Mon. Oh, I've forgotten that I haven't got a desk yet! How can I study? Hm... I might go to library or study room. It's better than no tables: )
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Today is one of the hardest days in my life. I went to school to pay for my tuition, a computer store to buy netwarking supplies, a book store to buy textbooks, a department store to buy sheets, and a grocery store to buy some spice. I didn't know I have to buy so many books, and they are very heavy. How can I bring all around in school? Maybe it's not necessary to bring them to the classes every time? I will know it tomorrow, though.

I finally got a TV a few days ago. I love watching dramas, especially American dramas. Nowadays, CSI is on air everyday and almost all day long. Can you imagine how hard for me to be away from TV? In Japan, I can watch many foreign dramas( most of them are American). This affects me to study English harder and to come here.

Hmuuu, tomorrow is the first day of classes. I'm a little bit nervous, and I don't feel well. My throuat gets hurt. i don't kow why. I should go to hospital.
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online shopping

I bought an air purifier and humidifier on the internet. These are not so cheap, but it is convenient that I don't have to pick them up by myself and can order them whenever I want.
I also bought a desk. Actually, I have no desk or table now. It is a problem, isn't it? I'm a student. At least one desk is necessary.
Anyway, I can get them in a month. I hope so!

Some online shops have many problems to deliver.
I've had that once, though. It was terrible. Shippment that I ordered haven't been arrived yet, actually. So I claimed the company tosend my items as soon as possible. But I think it must take long time to proceed.
Only thing I don't like is systems and attitudes in America. Anyway, I hope they wil be arrived soon...

I cooked some today. I don't like cooking and ,maybe you can see that I'm not good at it.
However, I have to do it to save money.
In NY, everything is expencive.
I tried to make tomato sause and others.
Though I've almost never cooked before, I could make them in the end.
Additionally, they were delicious. I'm gradually getting confidence.

I got to go to bed.
Tommorrow is the important day of getting start of my school life!
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Everything starts

I started my weblog and my new life also starts.
Actually, it started a few weeks ago :)

First, I wanna talk about myself. I'm a Japanese girl studying English and others. I live in Manhattan and go to college as a freshman.

I've studied English for total 7 years. ( including a few blanks, though)
My english ability is not good, I know. Even though it might be difficult for readers to read my weblog, please read this. It's my great pleasure.

This weblog is gonna be my diary.
I'll write what I did, what I think and what happend.

I hope you will enjoy to read this.
I hope you will know about Japan through my weblog.

12:17PM at home 09/06/2004
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